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[15-23/75] Cable & Deadpool Volumes 1-8

Wade Wilson and Nathan Summers - Marvel's mightiest mutant mercs - are back, and this time they're stuck with each other! Can two grown men armed to the teeth with deadly genetic weaponery live together without driving each other crazy?! Action, adventure, black humor, black-ops, face-changing viruses, gratuitous France-bashing and lots of gunfire mark the return of two of Marvel's fan-favorite anti-heroes!

With Cable recuperating on his island haven of Providence, who else can investigate when there is "A Murder in Paradise"? You know who. Say it. Go ahead. Picture it: Deadpool, as a detective, interrogating the most brilliant pacifists on Earth. Monk and Columbo have nothing to fear. Plus: Deadpool is brainwashed by the mysterious group known as the Black Box to become a mindless assassin (which, honestly, didn't take much washing). So Deadpool does what comes naturally to him - the opposite of what's expected! But hey, where's Cable? And what are Cannonball and Siryn doing in the book?

Deadpool finally gets hired for a job! There's a missing hard drive, and whoever gets it could very well own the world! Naturally, our Merc with a Mouth is going to find it first, right? Well...only if he can outwit that superspy known as the CAT, and slide by the undulating charms of three gorgeous and deadly snake chicks. That's right: Black Mamba, Asp and Diamondback are back in business as the B.A.D. Girls! And what's Cable doing during all of this? Well, keeping an eye on Deadpool, since whoever owns the hard drive could very well own the world!

Our greed for knowledge recreated his telepathy. Our quest to confine him recreated his telekinesis. He has forged a paradise haven that threatens to destabilize countless governments and religions. One man wants to find out what Cable's intentions are before it's too late. Guest-starring Captain America! Plus: Cable sees the signs - omens and portents - characters gathering, moving across the board like chess pieces...can Apocalypse be resurrected? Can Cable and Deadpool stop it in time? And most surprising of all...what if one of them doesn't want it to be stopped? And finally, Domino is hired to stop Deadpool's activities in the Central European country of Rumekistan, only to learn he plans to assassinate the country's imposed ruler, the international terrorist named Flag-Smasher. Should she stop him? Will her decision be influenced when she finds out DP was given his mission by...Cable?

With Civil War tearing the Marvel Universe apart, only one man can sew it back together: Deadpool! Well, who else would make the perfect mercenary hero-hunter? In an effort to do his part, Deadpool crosses paths with the Great Lakes Avengers, and slices and dices his way to Daredevil, the Man Without Fear! Plus: What happens when the Merc with a Mouth faces the Sightless Scarlet Sentry? And where does Cable stand in all this? Where he always does: pretending he's above the fray. Then why is he having a secret meeting with Captain America?
Since Deadpool is twice as much trouble as anyone in the Marvel Universe, the only logical people who could possibly rescue him and Bob, Agent of Hydra, from their temporal tantrum are...well, everyone! Guest appearances include Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange and more! Twice the guest stars! Twice the fun! But not twice the price! How can you say no?

Reaction Shot: The trouble with trying to do any sort of coherent reaction shot on this is that really, when I try to explain why I like this series I tend to just end up flailing my arms and babbling how it's REALLY REALLY AWESOME and THE GAYEST MARVEL THING I EVER READ and FLSDKJGHLJSDHGF and really that's hardly a good way to get people to read it.

Unless of course keysmash IS a good way to get people to read it, in which case you can ignore me now because really I'm just babbling and that's never a good thing.

The best way to describe Cable&Deadpool is the way thebaconfat described it when she was pimping it out - "EXPLOSIONS and [...] the EPIC LOVE STORY between an obnoxious superpowered mercenary with ADD and a self-righteous telepathic mutant with a Messiah complex (They fight crime! And also commit it)." I would like to add a few things to her excellent summary though - some of which might even make sense!

  • This is the sort of EPIC ROMANCE where the main parties meet up, exchange banter, one of them gets shot in the head - usually by the other one (You think I'm joking. YOU WILL SEE.), and then carry on like this is a perfectly normal occurence! Which, as it's a Marvel series, it is.
  • If you love your fourth wall, some parts of this comic are going to make you flail in wrath. Made me laugh though, which admittedly isn't that hard. *hugs the recap pages and admits this is mainly because Deadpool. IN A TUX.*
  • If anyone doubts my claims that this is the gayest Marvel comic ever: Deadpool's darkest desire. Spoilery, but worth it for the lolz.
  • Deadpool is described in every Recap page as "the merc with a mouth." THIS IS 1000% ACCURATE. HE NEVER SHUTS UP. I'm glad of this! Even if I'm kinda disturbed that his logic and trains of thought generally make sense to me. (Actually, most of his pop-culture references go right over my head though. Curse you American pop-culture!) I do like Deadpool, mainly because he's crazy.
  • ... Also, Deadpool is awesome. He is an obnoxious superpowered mercenary with ADD, too many weapons, and the scariest headspace I can imagine, and yet there's times where he really makes my heart hurt for him. I don't know how, but he manages it.
  • - no seriously, this whole comic series is fully capable of going from crack to SRS BSNS to something that will punch you in the heart - or the head - in one volume. I don't understand it, but I like it.
  • So I just realised I got this far without mentioning Cable once. That has to be a talent! Anyway, yes. Cable. I remember him from my crazy obssession with my brother's Marvel comics when I was younger and seriously, if he'd been this AWESOME and persuasive-even-though-you-know-he's-crazy I might have been a hell of a lot more interested in him. >_> He's just - manipulative, and always thinking five moves ahead, and even the people who don't like him or what he's doing fall in with him. And he always comes out of everything either okay or with a plan. It's - bizarre. Fun, but bizarre.
  • I am ABSOLUTELY GUTTED that the series ended with only 50 issues. I wanted SO MUCH to happen, and it didn't. And my original reaction was to be so disappointed with it, for reasons I'm not even going to go into because I can't spoil it. I just - in and of themselves, I loved the last few issues. As an ending - they feel anticlimatic, which isn't the word I want because dinosaurs aren't anticlimatic BUT YOU GET THE IDEA.
  • I am also pissed off that some of the MAJORLY IMPORTANT AND CLIMATIC BATTLES/SCENES/INCIDENTS are IN COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COMICS THAT I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT. DEAR MARVEL: KISS MY BIG ENGLISH LACKING-ACCESS-TO-A-ZILLION-AND-ONE-COMICS ARSE. Rrr. It's not TOO bad, because it's generally explained pretty well, but for god's sake. When you go from BUILD-UP-BUILD-UP-DRAMA-DRAMA-DRAMA to THE AFTERMATH D: without anything in between - well, you can understand my wrath, right?
  • I love most of the minor recurring characters. Irene, Gareb, Weasel, Bob, Agency X, The Cat - seriously, I would hug all the minor characters in this. And maybe write dozens of dorky interactional fic. You think I'm joking I would so write Irene-and-Gareb for a quid. Some of the female characters (not that there are many, as I recall) make me think I can hear Girls Read Comics growling in fury but - if you can ignore gratuitous tits/"... she just got pwned by Cable WHY IS SHE MAKING THAT FACE owait" sort of issues (and really, that applies almost exclusively to the B.A.D Girls - I seem to recall the other issues being less like that. And yes, those of you who made the same face I did when I saw the name of that group, I DID say I could hear GRC growling.), then you can get through the worst C&D is going to throw you genderwise.

  • Tags: genre: action/adventure, genre: superheroes, publisher: marvel comics, verdict: awesome, verdict: gayer than advertised
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    This is the sort of EPIC ROMANCE where the main parties meet up, exchange banter, one of them gets shot in the head - usually by the other one (You think I'm joking. YOU WILL SEE.), and then carry on like this is a perfectly normal occurence! Which, as it's a Marvel series, it is.

    Yes. YES! OMG YES. and just the fact that they have the sort of romance where they will shoot each other in head. I just. You guys. ♥

    Curse you American pop-culture!

    XD The parts that get are all the Marvel references! That's one thing I worry about with trying to write fic for this series; I hardly know anything about the Marvel universe or Marvel continuity. And what I do know I learned from watching the X-men cartoon show, like, twelve years ago. D:

    this whole comic series is fully capable of going from crack to SRS BSNS to something that will punch you in the heart - or the head - in one volume.

    Yes! I have no idea how it works, but it does, and I just -- it boggles me how much I care about them, when they're such hilarious, ridiculous, violent jerks!


    Best description of Cable EVER.

    And maybe write dozens of dorky interactional fic

    I would be SO RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY if you would write dorky interactional fic, because yes! Bob and Weasel and Agent X and The Cat!

    I am pretty desensitized to gratuitous tits in comics by now, but yeah, the B.A.D Girls kinda pissed me off. Or at least made me roll my eyes a lot. But them having tea with The Cat! *hearts*

    And I love so much the cameos! I mean, I just, the whole "Can't we just leave him?" "Borderline unethical." It's the X-Men being hilarious, but it's totally the sort of hilarity I could see them actually saying and doing off-panel from their own comics, y'know?

    ♥ ♥ ♥

    Seriously, you don't even know how happy this post makes me. *hugs it*

    I still haven't read the last few issues, both 'cause of school stuff and 'cause I -- I just don't want it to be over!

    In conclusion:

    I WANT TO WRITE REUNION FIC WHERE THE FIRST THING DEADPOOL DOES IS SHOOT CABLE IN THE HEAD. OR THREATEN TO. TRUFAX. I mean, seriously, that just makes so happy. ♥ I admit, I love pairings where they're best friends and 100% willing to kick each other's arses as well. ♥

    The parts that get are all the Marvel references!
    Those are SNEAKY. I have a stack of comics I yoinked off my brother ages ago, and a load of Deadpool comics I torrented, but that's it. ... OMG I CAN GET MY SCANNER WORKING AND SCAN THEM. (Okay, I lied - I've been um, buying Marvel comics like a bitch because my local wannabe-bookshop's been getting them in at last. They have Deadpool comics! Also comics with Cable in after he abandons Deadpool! *flails arms*)

    I will try to write dorky interactional fic as soon as possible! I have um, eighteen attempts at post-Providence Cable/Deadpool in my notebook. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. I really want to write something with the minor characters - but all I get is Agency X sitting around with Weasel and Bob going "Has anyone seen Deadpool and Alex?" "Oh, they're busy." "I think Mister Deadpool said something about hiding each other's bodyparts." "... Do you want to tell him Deadpool wasn't joking or should I?" and Gareb and Irene looking after each other. (... Don't ask me why I have a thing for those two, because I really don't know. ;_;)

    URGH, the BAD Girls. They just - well, I've been known to actually like Emma Frost, and her costume's usually a stripper outfit. The BAD Girls irk me more than she ever did. ._. Although, without them we wouldn't know about Deadpool and the suncream lotion, and that would be a CRIME! ALSO, word to the tea-with-the-Cat thing. I WANT THAT TO HAPPEN AGAIN. ♥. I don't know if I can channel enough badassery to write The Cat, but I seriously WANT TO TRY. ♥.

    !!! The cameos! Yes! (You will love the later issues then, even if they do mean the series is over. CAMEOS ALL OVER, BACO. Don't worry about it being over - just think that if you finish it you can a) write awesome fic, or b) read the lousy fic I will write for this series if it kills me! ;D) I love them - it's like, "This is what the X-Men are like when they're having a very obvious and sarcastic sense of humour. Or when they're been traumatised by Deadpool's legs." And I agree - I can definitely see all that happening. :D

    Aw, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I so need somewhere to fangirl excessively over this... And hehe! I love that picture! *hugs the Baconess!*
    I love pairings where they're best friends and 100% willing to kick each other's arses as well.


    Oh man! If any of the Deadpool comics are particularly awesome, you have to rec them at me!

    AND I just picked up the last Cable & Deadpool TPB, so I'll finally be able to finish up the series without having to read it on my computer! Yaaaaay.

    Ohmygosh, dorky interactional fic would make me so happy AND SO WOULD POST-PROVIDENCE CABLE/DEADPOOL klsjfkkg. I can't wait to read it! And I so totally want to see Irene and Gareb looking after each other, and Agency X, and Bob and Weasel hangin' out, and hee hee hee hiding each others' bodyparts XDDD. I LOVE THEM ALL kajkf.
    I think it's best been summed up as me having an antagonistic!friends OTP. Seifer/Zell, Auron/Jecht, now Cable/Deadpool... I AM SO GLAD YOU SHARE THAT, THOUGH. REALLY TRULY. ♥ Sorry, been rereading lots of Seifer/Zell fic and now I want to FLAIL at you a lot. ♥♥♥♥

    If I see any, I will! I think I should send you the .cbr of one of the annuals, because there is Deadpool going crazy and how Deadpool became Deadpool. I think the writers of the rest of the series were on crack and I like the C&D backstory better but that was part of the canon I would actually not gleefully ignore. Hmm.

    I commented on your post about that last part, didn't I? I AM STILL HEARTBROKEN OVER IT. AND STILL HOPING YOU'VE READ THE THREE GARRIDEBS. ;_;

    It's hard to find people who truly appreciate the awesomeness of OTPs who won't just threaten each other but will actually follow through on those threats. And then there's ass-kicking. :D Please feel free to flail at me AT ANY TIME, and DEFINITELY let me know if you find any cool stuff!

    Oh, oh I'd love to read that, if you're cool with uploading it! I am sad about having lost all my C&D files. I mean, I have most of the TPBs anyway, but still! All that downloading! Waaah.

    I still haven't read The Three Garridebs! I have some library books I need to get through before they're due back, and it's tough to find time for reading now that school's started up again.

    Wait! I just realized I still have all my C&D stored on MediaFire! Hooray for my obsessive need to share things with people!
    HURRAY! *dances* I'm glad you still have them! I would've put them up for you if you hadn't found them.

    (BACO! Feel like speculating on how Cable came back from the dead? My theory is that the daftest, most plothole ridden idea is probably the one that was actually canon, but most of my ideas are stuff like "He SECRETLY BODYSLID" or "TIMETRAVEL!" or "CLOOOOONES/ROBOT!CABLE" or "SYMBIOTE DID IT" or "DEADPOOL MADE A DEAL WITH DEATH TO GET HIM BACK." Which um. Makes me want to write "Five ways Cable returned from the dead" but doesn't help me figure out how to put gratuitous Cable into this epic thing of epicness. And I kinda want to just skip to the part where Deadpool's handcuffing Cable to something and running off, but.
    I've totally lost Stigma and Wild Adapter, though. ;_;

    (TIMETRAVEL IS THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING. Possibly there was another alternate-universe baby!Nate involved. Deadpool totally TRAVELLED THROUGH TIME TO FIND ANOTHER BABY!NATE and raise him up good 'n proper.

    ...Man, now I totally want to read Five Ways Deadpoool tried to bring Cable back. It would make me cry, but in a good way. )

    Deadpool's handcuffing Cable to something and running off,

    I've put all the Minekura stuff I have on the disks! Did I tell you this? Also you're getting Saiyuki Gaiden. Or at least all the scans of it I have. KONZEN JUMPING WAAAAAH.

    (OF COURSE! TIME TRAVEL WILL FIX IT! \o/ I could so do another AU!Nate - which would be a WHOLE FIC IN AND OF ITSELF. Deadpool would be an AWESOME sort-of-dad when he wasn't brainwashed into shooting the kid. Although what his definition of "Good porn" would be I shudder to think.

    I seriously need to figure out how this will work I am not opposed to future!Nate phoning Deadpool and telling him how to timetravel ON PURPOSE and rescue Nate. So so really not. IT GETS ME TO THE FIGHTING AND THE SNARK AND THE KISSING FASTER. *looks shifty* and then I can write my EPIC CABLE/DEADPOOL. WITH THE HANDCUFFING AND PLOT AND STUFF.

    ... I am actually writing it! Deadpool is now trying to sweet talk Death into giving Cable back, and threatening the pool-of-naked-Avengers so the Fixer will mend the bodysliding stuff. I DON'T KNOW, MY BRAIN IS ON SLOW.)

    It's not as exciting as it sounds! It's actually vaguely SRS BSNS along the lines of "Oh hell no you're not getting yourself killed for a cause again after I went through all that to bring you BACK." And. And. I need to figure out people who would kill Cable who aren't working with Domino and could therefore not be bought by Cable looking sexy.) It's kinda like

    When Cable came to, he was sat on the floor with his feet in running sewage - he'd been meaning to show the Rumekistans how to make the sewers better and cleaner, although with his head ringing like a bell he couldn't remember why he hadn't got round to it. Wade. If he ever woke up disorientated and bruised, it was generally because of Deadpool and Domino, and right now he doubted Domino would be inclined to let him live.

    "Yeah, yeah, he's fine. Come on Merryweather, how many times have I given Cable blunt head trauma?"

    His arms were stretched awkwardly over his head. He'd been out long enough for his right arm to go numb. When he flexed the T-O, the cuffs seemed to flex with it.


    "Nah, more than that. I keep a tally on my bedpost, you should come over and -"

    Cable finally turned his head and looked at Deadpool. Deadpool has a phone tucked between his ear and his shoulder, and he was dragging at the boarding over the sewer exit.

    "Irene. He's still Cable. If I couldn't kill him before -"

    "Deadpool," Nate said, almost surprised at how even his voice was. Almost. "What are you doing?"


    9 years ago


    9 years ago


    9 years ago

    I can think of about three people who appeciate OTPs like that. One being you, and another being me. DEAR INTERNETS: MORE OTP-ASS-KICKING PLZ. If I do I'll let you know! :D I'm still looking for half the fic I found before Firefox went kaput on me, so we'll see how that goes. Admittedly half the fic I keep rereading are YOURS. WHAT CAN I BRIBE YOU WITH TO GET MORE?

    Sure, I don't mind at all! I'm putting that and a few more (Deadpool saving the world? Deadpool disguised as Thor and trying to chat women up while talking - LIKE THOR basically? YOU HAVE TO SEE THESE.) in a zip file for you - the rest I'll put on a CD in your envelope of doom, okay?

    D: Okay, so you have a good reason for not reading it (I keep sadfacing at you having to be at school in the summer! Why would they be so mean to you!) but I will LIVE IN HOPE and also expect comments when you have time for it. ;_;


    Oh my gosh, those sound awesome and ridiculous! I can't wait to see them! And eee, thank you so much!

    Blargh, school sucks. I'm so tired and crappy lately and studying all the time and wah wah, etc. But I'll be done in a year! So I'm just trying to focus on that.


    Oh man, they REALLY ARE and they do what Cable & Deadpool did and make you feel sorry for Deadpool while you're laughing at him (or being horrified by him being an UTTERLY CRAZY BASTARD. YOU WILL SEE. THE ENVELOPE IS ON THE TABLE WAITING TO BE SENT.)! I can't wait for you to read them!

    I'm sorry school sucks! I hope your studying gets easier and stuff! Yay for being done in a year? *waves cheering-on flag*

    Clearly a sign of how much I love this picture:

    Heee hee hee hee hee! ♥
    It is going to be my default Cable&Deadpool icon from here on out. TRUFAX.