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[25-32] Reading Digest

Okay, in the spirit of "Oh god I have this list of books that will not get shorter," I am doing mini-reaction shots. Some of these (Like Watchmen, which DESERVES a proper reaction shot, and will get one so I can use it for a Herding Cats review) I'll come back to and do a proper reaction shot of, but right now - I want my list to get shorter!

[25/75] Angel Sanctuary: Volume 4 by Kaori Yuki - Dear Ms Kaori Yuki: PLEASE NEVER STOP WITH THE CRACK AND THE GORGEOUS ARTWORK. THE WORLD WOULD PROBABLY IMPLODE IF YOU DID. That said: I love the art in this. I love Rosiel and his attachment to his subordinate, I love pretty much everything that happens in hell, and I love people trying to be cunning and scheme their way past Rosiel and having it fail miserably. I really should remember to read the rest!

[26/75]Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Illustrated Short Stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Guys, I have a massive Victoriana kink. I also know that the best way to convince most of my Flist is to tell them that there is boys kissing. UNFORTUNATELY, because of the Victorian-ness, there is no kissing, but it is pretty gay in a very repressed Victorian way. ALSO, awesome mysteries. The timelines' a mess, some of the stories make even me stop and question the logic, and sometimes I just want to shake all the characters involved, but - but it fills me with hearts! What can I say, it's been my favourite book since I was eleven. Smudged type and all. Also, if you have the same version as me, you get the illustrations from when the stories were originally published in the Strand. ♥

[27/75] Claymore Volume Two by Norihiro Yagi - The art style in this is - strange. Not bad, just - strange. That's really all I remember about it. The art style was strange, I loved the little kid with... Jean was it? I've forgotton her name, it's been that long. I liked the mystery and the skulking and how the people in the city were idiotic enough to keep up the prejudice of NO CLAYMORES ALLOWED even when they were being picked off one by one. I also think I shipped the knight and the knife-throwing bastard. I have no excuse. I picked it up from the second volume, because I have NEVER completely followed a series that I bought in order, so I'm thinking I need to buy the rest now. If only because FIGHT SCENES, YAY! Also, because woodburner flails over this series regularly, and apparantly it gets better!

[28/75] King of Hell Volume 8 by Ra In-Soo and Kim Jae-Hwan - AWESOME MANWHA WITH RIDICULOUSLY PRETTY ART AND LOTS OF FIGHT SCENES. GUYS, THIS THING IS JUST ONE BIG BUTTON PRESS. I mean, it has zombies, assassins (Who I have major hearts for), a pretty much crazy guy who works for the god of the dead, Secret Societies That Are Going To Wipe Out Other Societies (And The Rest Of The World), sweet looking boys with split personality issues, and CURSED TREASURE HUNTS. I love this series, and I love this particular book of it. *hugs it* (I think this is the one volume WITHOUT the three dorks. I don't remember though.)

[29/75] Fables Volume Two: Animal Farm - I picked this up at the library while I was waiting for the family to show up, and I have to admit that this book presses two of my buttons (fractured fairytales and different worlds being smushed together) without even trying. Added to that, I ♥ the art, so that's three! It borrows heavily from Animal Farm (shocker there, amirite?) and Lord of the Flies, and to be honest there are points when it's genuinely creepy. Then again, there are points when I had to put the book down, bury my head in my hands and ask "HOW IS SOMEONE AS NAIVE AS SNOW WHITE MAYOR?" and "OH GOD SHE IS DAFT." I liked her, sure, but I liked Rose Red (o hay I've read that fairy tale! Also DEAR RED, WOULD 100% WRITE FIC ABOUT YOU RATHER THAN YOUR SISTER.), and found her more believable than her sister. I like her POV! I like how sneaky she is! I like her pissed off explanation at the end, and how even Bigby looks at Snow White as though she's kinda dumb about her sister. *hugs* Ah well, nothing's perfect - I'm just not sure I could read the rest of the series, even if I could find it.

[30/75] Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman - I have notes for a reaction shot of this, and they are basically

Clunky prose and info dumping - generally INTERESTING infodumping, but that's what it is
Team that isn't a team and how awesome that dynamic is.
Fatale being concerned about who she is and who she was, and her attempts to actually have a relationship with people (Lily/Fatale for a quid)
Doctor Impossible = generic evil supervillain, although with a little more public humiliation in his background and a very crazy POV.
Little details of the world - MHD (Evil genius = official mental disorder)
Twists on standard tropes - Erica, Autistic superhero, etc.

And that is basically all I have to say about this one, although I would probably have fleshed it out prettily if I was trying to spin a post out of it. The thing is - I've figured out that heyheyrenay's thing with "phases of not being able to read first person" is infectious. That is my only explanation for how all the books I can't properly identify with are in the first person. Ah well.

It's not bad! It's reasonably well written (clunky, but the prose gets the job done), the POVs are distinct enough for me to know who I'm reading about, and it has some wonderful imagery (helloooo Doctor Impossible's POV.). The other characters aren't introduced well, and most of them barely feature in the story (there are majoy origin backdumps, but - but most of them are names and a power, with little actual character or interaction. Which kinda depresses me, because I want to like it. But the plot is pretty much a thin line of hope through Doctor Impossible's flashbacks, and Fatale is more of a secondary character in her own story. *sighs and still wishes she could've liked it*

[31/75] The Watchmen by Alan Moore - Holy shit. Another one I have half a reaction shot to this already written, but seriously, holy shit.

[32/75] Beyond Baked Beans [Budget] by Fiona Beckett - Guys, cookbook containing deliberately cheap recipes that can be spread out into lots of meals! I have no idea whether these are any good, because I've not tried them yet (I will be doing either tonight or tomorrow; if you don't hear from me, I've set the kitchen on fire.), but they look relatively easy, the instructions are clear enough (and yay for books that are set out in a semi-decent fashion! \o/ ), and it's reasonably not patronising, considering the first chapter's telling people where to shop and stuff. (The author says something about how she's writing for people who're at Uni - it's pretty obvious they're gonna be smart enough to cook things more complicated than baked beans.) I don't know whether it would be any good for the american friends (YOU DON'T HAVE MARMITE, YOU PHILISTINES!), but she has a website here, so if anything on it looks useful, try the books?
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Man, I'd wondered if Soon I Will Be Invincible was any good! How disappointing. Well, I'm glad I didn't buy it. (HOW are published authors allowed so much infodumping?)

Heeeee I LOVE the Strand images so much. <3 <3 <3

And eee, can't wait for your Watchmen reaction shot!
It's not necessarily BAD, it's just... Not exactly good. :( Some parts of it are good, it's just - it's all packaged so awkwardly. I'd wait for the paperback/library to get it, if I'm honest. (ALTHOUGH, the illustrations in the back of the hardback - UM. *pets them*)

The Strand images make me SO HAPPY. I think everyone should read it with them!

:D :D :D I actually started it right after I finished reading it, and so it is, as I appear to have phrased it, showing symptoms of being written while "feeling like I've been whacked in the face with a trade paperback." I might reread the last few chapters again, so I can write it in a consistant tone. >_> (O-OMG, RORSACH. ;__________; )
I KNOOOOOW. I have such a best friends forever! thing for him and Nite Owl, and then - and then the end! D: D: D:

Alan Moore = awesome for making Rorschach seem even a little rational. O_O
I knoooooow, same here! AGREED

By the way, thanks so much for the link to "The Story of Stuff"! It was really, really interesting.
I want sane!Rorschach and Nite Owl fic, trufax. Also slightly less sane!Rorschach and Nite Owl fic. ._. I HAVE A FEELING I WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. I DON'T KNOW HOW HE DID IT. But now my desire for superheroes in a normal world (as in, complaining about costumes, doing a normal job, that sort of thing) has been entirely sated. ♥

No problem! I just saw it and thought it might be useful to you seeing as you're collecting links on being green! :D
Meeeee toooooo! and I, I kinda like this fic? But that's all I got.

Alan Moore frightens me. I once read a story of his where he made me feel bad for an incestuous child-molester. But totally, yes, dealing with capes and actually having to repair the ship and having serious mental problems and and and!
Th-that fic is FABULOUS. *_* *hugs it repeatedly* And I mean fabulous as in "Holy crap that's perfect! ♥ to the max!" Oh fandom, you have a lot to live up to now...

W-what? ... Clearly this man is some sort of literary GOD. Which, I mean, I KNEW, but PROOF! Heh, I admit I will read anything that deals with the mundane side of superheroing - seriously, how do more superheroes not go crazy? - to the point where I was seriously considering writing it myself because I couldn't find any. I WOULD LOVE HIM IF HE'D ONLY WRITTEN THAT. EVEN WITHOUT THE "HOLY SHIT!" PLOT. Oh Alan Moore. ♥ I MAY LOVE HIM FOREVER.
Susaaan I'm sorry I haven't had time to reply to you about things lately I AM GOING CRAZY WITH FINALS but I will totally get back to you at some point!! *hugs*
It's okay Baco! I'm lousy at replying to things at the best of times (See: Having previous comment half-written in a firefox tab for a week before I posted it. >_>), and I'm supposed to be revising myself! So don't worry about it AT ALL! GOOD LUCK WITH THE FINALS, YOU WILL DO AMAZINGLY! *hugs!*