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[Recs Request] Superheroes?

Okay, so May is turning into the Merry Month of Superheroes for me (or rather Not-So-Merry-Month-of-Susan-SPAZZING-OUT-Over-Exams, but that's not nearly as interesting and involves less snappy banter and gayness unless anyone catches me slashing everyone in my Class Civ texts.). I'm currently wallowing in Cable&Deadpool, Amazon sent me Hero (Perry Moore) and Soon I Will Be Invincible (Austin Grossman), (TO WHICH I SAY "!!!!!!!!!!" AND HUG MY PARCEL A LOT) and I've just finished the first volume of Runaways.

SO: Dear internets, I am on a superheroics kick. This may or may not be due to wanting to write some superheroics, but I'm of the opinion that if I just read lots of good stuff the urge'll go away. Therefore, does anyone have any reccomendations!

I have "the merc-with-a-mouth," a psychic with a Messiah complex, teenagers vowing to take down their parents, a cyborg woman, and gay teenage superheroes. BASICALLY DOES ANYONE HAVE ANYTHING THAT'LL TOP ANY OF THAT. >_>
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